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IMPACT EVERYONE's vision is to improve the lives of those around us and inspire others to make their own difference. At IMPACT EVERYONE, we aim to create projects and find solutions that aid in both local and global initiatives. Currently, the causes we are dedicating our efforts to include poverty, access to education, wildlife rehabilitation, forest restoration, water pollution clean up, access to health care, and current world crises.


At the end of the day, our primary goal is to help people. One of IMPACT EVERYONE's core values is collaboration and we strongly believe that we need to work together towards a better future. We see IMPACT EVERYONE as a community of people that share the common desire to help others and keep our planet safe. We invite you to join our community and have a hand in everything that we do to make an impact.


Transparency is very important to us. For every water bottle you buy, $10 is put towards the cause of your choice. We team up with organizations that specialize in their respective field to ensure that your donation is being put to full use. We then publish videos that highlight each project made possible by you, the IMPACT EVERYONE community. Majority of remaining profits go directly into growing IMPACT EVERYONE as a company, in order to allow us to take on even more ambitious projects in the future. Here at IMPACT EVERYONE, we have great ambition, but want to start with small, achievable goals. As the IMPACT EVERYONE community grows, so will our projects and initiatives.

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The future is bright for IMPACT EVERYONE. Our mission is to take on larger scale projects each year, allowing us to reach more and more people. In the future, we aspire to take on some very large-scale projects spanning multiple years. We need your support to enable a better future. By supporting one or more of our causes and making an impact in your personal life, you can be part of a better future for all. Even if you don't purchase a product, we urge you to share our message! All we ask is that you help someone who needs it - that is what we are all about. Let’s MAKE AN IMPACT!

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