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When you buy a Health Bottle, $10 goes towards impacting the lives of individuals struggling with their health. This may include working with various foundations and charities devoted to diseases, helping individuals struggling with health bills, ensuring the safety of everyone, and so much more!



As the COVID-19 pandemic slowly heads towards an end, we may begin to feel as if we can let our foot off the gas in terms of COVID safety procedures. As daily cases decrease, vaccination rates increase, and COVID-safety laws become more relaxed; it is important to remember that this is the most dangerous time for many. As people begin meeting more frequently it puts those who are too immuno-compromised to get the vaccine at a huge risk. This couldn’t be more true for those residing in youth developmental homes who have gone the entire pandemic isolated from their families. At IMPACT EVERYONE, we want to ensure that even the most vulnerable of people make it all the way through the pandemic as they are finally able to reunite with their family members. To do so, we are working with Sunbeam Community & Developmental Services to donate $1000 worth of medical-grade PPE equipment allowing families to reunite in the safest way possible.


We at IMPACT EVERYONE have great ambition but have set realistic goals for our startup period. As the IMPACT EVERYONE community grows, so will our goals.

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