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YOU Donated $1,500 Worth of PPE

This is #Sunbeam. They provide residential services to medically-fragile and technologically-dependent children and adults. By providing around-the-clock care through on-site caregivers, their patients don't have to live their life in the ICU departments of hospitals.

With restrictions lifting and gatherings becoming more common, the pandemic seems to be coming to an end for most. However, the chances of spreading the virus to those who must remain unvaccinated may begin to increase. Due to the severity of their conditions, some patients at Sunbeam are too medically fragile to receive the vaccine and have been completely isolated from their families for the past 16 months.

Thanks to everyone in our community who bought the Red Health Bottle, we were able to raise $1000 worth of PPE to aid in upgrading Sunbeam's supplies. Due to the conditions of their patients, they take no risks and require the highest quality PPE such as level 3 ASTM masks and gowns, nitrile gloves, disinfectant wipes, and full-coverage safety glasses. Through pooling together donations, we were able to team up with United Canada who provided us with bulk discounts allowing us to purchase $1500 worth of PPE for only $1000. With this, we were able to meet Sunbeam's vigilant standards and provide visiting opportunities to 500 parents who are desperate to see their children again.


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